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n a globalised world the environment is under serious threat, and environmental governance (both locally and globally) is complex.
What can we expect from states and authorities? How do multinationals and environmental NGOs deal with environmental challenges in a rapidly changing society? How do we guide technological developments in an environmentally sound direction? The Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University gives you the opportunity to specialize in Environmental Governance and Management.

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he Environmental Policy Group offers courses for Bachelor programs (3 year), Master programs (2 years) and a 4 year PhD program for students of Wageningen University and other universities. Courses include sociological and political science theory, research methods, and thematic courses.
You can also decide to do your Master internship (3-4 months) or thesis research (5-6 months) at our group. The thesis consists of independent research within the scope of environmental policy and environmental governance, covering topics such as deforestation, eco-labelling, environmental NGOs, urban pollution, EU environmental policy, and ecotourism. Our graduates now hold positions in universities and other research and educational institutes, in consultancy firms, in industry, in environmental offices, and in a variety of local and international NGOs.

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he Environmental Policy group at Wageningen University is one of the leading international expertise centres in the environmental social sciences. We combine a strong tradition in sociology and political science, with other social and natural sciences in environmental education and research.

Our mission: to analyse and understand processes of environmental change and to design new environmental governance and management arrangements which are sustainable and democratic.

Our group is home to staff and students from a variety of nationalities. We cooperate with research groups in most European countries, as well as in Southeast and East Asia, Russia and other CIS republics, Latin America and East Africa. These contacts facilitate students to study abroad, for an internship or thesis research. We offer individual student supervision, an open atmosphere, and close contacts between students and staff.

While studying at the Environmental Policy group, you will be part of a dynamic international academic network, where dedicated teaching is complemented by innovative theory development and creative empirical research


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Jasmine Osorio has a Bachelor in Environmental Law and Politics from the United States, her home country. In 2003, She started in Wageningen her MSc Environmental Sciences with a specialization in Environmental Policy.